Zoofari Adventure for Pre-K to 3rd Grade (9am-1pm):

   The day starts off with a private tour, planned before the zoo opens.  Theme based art, science and recreation as well as interactive animal presentations daily.  Behind the scenes tours throughout the week.

Zoofari Adventure for 4th, 5th, 6th grades (9am-3pm):

   Exhibit tours, theme based art, science, and recreation are incorporated into each day as well as interactive animal presentations.  Behind the scenes tours throughout the week.  Guest visitors/ speakers; and walking trips to the park are specially prepared for these grades.

Zoofari Adventure for 7th-9th grades (CIT Program) (8am-4pm):

   As a Counselor-in-Training, participants will work alongside program counselors and develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills in the relaxed atmosphere of the zoo.  CITs should exhibit the ability to work alongside others as a productive member of the Zoofari Team.  Space is limited.  Applicants need to provide one letter of reference (from a non-family member) to be considered for the program.

Session #1 (July 9th-13th)

What the Wild Things Are:  Join the zoo for a week of fun as we learn about several classes of animals.  We will explore our fellow mammals as well as birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians.  Each day will focus on the characteristics of a specific class of animals through tours, presentations and activities.

Session #2 (July 16th-20th)

Predator and Prey:  Let’s investigate the relationship that shapes nearly every aspect of the natural world- predators and prey.  We will explore the adaptations that allow animals to survive in their habitats.  Brains, brawn, speed, spikes, claws, and venom are ways animals eat or get eaten! What better place to see it all than at the zoo?

Session #3 (July 23rd-27th)

Amazing Asia:  From tropical forests to the tundra, the continent of Asia makes up one third of the land mass of the entire planet.  Let’s look at the inhabitants of this amazing continent!  Mountains, grasslands, deserts and temperate forests make Asia the most unique continent in the world.  Come meet the animals that call Asia home.

Session #4 (July 30th-August 3rd)

Monkey Business:  Swing on in for a week of monkeying around at the zoo! From the tiniest marmoset to the great apes, we will look at our primate relatives from all over the globe.  Primates inhabit many different continents and live in some very different habitats.  Learn what stays the same and what is different as we explore their world.

Session #5 (August 6th-10th)

Creatures of the Night:  The activity of nocturnal animals starts when you go to bed!  Join the zoo as we explore the creatures of the night and together we will uncover the secrets of the darkness when the animal kingdom is very much awake!  Find out what is going bump in the night each day of the week.

Session #6 (August 13th-17th)

Extreme Animals:  Fastest swimmers, highest jumpers, strongest noses and many other amazing record holders of the animal kingdom will be investigated this week.  Our days will be packed with the most amazing animal feats in the word.  Let’s see who can dive the deepest, and climb the highest, and find out WHY animals go to such extremes.

Session #7 (August 20th-24th)

Mythological Beasts:  From ancient mythology to fairy tales, animals have always been part of our story-telling culture.  This week we will focus on the importance that animals have played in teaching lessons and explaining history.  Let’s uncover the meaning of animal symbols and explore some fantastic stories.