Exhibiting 50+ Endangered / Threatened Species

Thanks to a dedicated team of animal care specialists, the Staten Island Zoo is proud to exhibit 59 vulnerable or endangered species, including the rarest big cat in the world, the Amur Leopard. These animals have an uncertain future in their native wild habitats. That is why it is vitally important that the Zoo continues to participate in breeding and education programs.

Where else can Staten Islanders, especially children, get an up-close look at these amazing creatures …

That’s where we need your help. Your donation in this holiday season can assist the Zoo with the high level of veterinary care, environmental enrichment and education programs needed to maintain these rare species. There are now nearly 1,500 animals in our collection, representing about 350 species.

  • For example, Kiki, a 110-pound flightless Cassowary from Australia, eats 1,500 pounds of fruit per year, including 985 bananas and 750 apples every year. To feed all the fruit-eaters at the Zoo costs over $25,000 a year for fresh produce.
  • Our Amur leopards consume 7 pounds of meat daily, or 2,500 pounds of meat in a year.
  • Our Galápagos Tortoises require exhibit temperatures at or above 80 degrees throughout the year, while lamps provide needed UV for healthy shell development. They thrive on fresh greens and hay, about $8,100 per year.



A donation, large or small, can assist the Zoo with caring for these animals.  Please note that the Zoo receives roughly one third of its total funding from city funds. Donations from members and from the public and businesses keep the Zoo’s programs afloat.

Your donation is tax-deductible and urgently needed…so please consider giving generously to the Zoo.

Staten Island Chuck will personally sign a THANK YOU letter to you and your family acknowledging your generosity.

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