ZooFari Summer 2021

 Please see our guidelines and protocols below to ensure the safety of our program participants. 

Featuring arts & crafts, animal encounters, behind-the-scenes tours, games, and more!  All taught by professional wildlife educators.

Member registration begins Monday, March 1
Non-members registration begins on Monday, March 8.

 Back this year for the whole summer! With Wild Researchers, 7th & 8th graders will learn more about the science behind animal care and conservation!  We’ll explore how STEM is crucial when caring for animals at the zoo, in the wild, and at home.  Experience what it’s like to be a wildlife researcher, while also having tons of Zoofari fun!

Weekly Sessions, June 28 – August 20

**Sibling discount applies only at initial registration and when registered to attend the same session.**

Registration includes: Zoofari t-shirt, water bottle, photo with an animal, and lunchbag (Pre-K to 3rd grade) or backpack (4th – 8th Grade).

Children are grouped by the grade they will complete June, 2021: Pre-K, K-1, 2-3, 4-6, and 7-8.

Children must be at least 4 years old AND have completed one year of Pre-K.

Session 1:   June 28 – July 2

What The Wild Things Are

Mammals, birds, reptiles, oh my!  Join us this week as we learn about the characteristics of a specific class of animals through tours, presentations, and activities

Wild Researchers: Zoo Careers

Do you want to make an impact and help save wild animals and the places they call home? Well then, take a walk on the wild side and learn all about careers in the field of wildlife! Get to learn from our staff and get some experience practicing what these wildlife heroes do! 

Session 2:   July 5 – July 9

Predator Vs. Prey

The fight for survival is on! Let’s investigate the relationship that shapes nearly every aspect of the natural world- predators and prey.  We will explore the adaptations that allow animals to survive in their habitats.  Brains, brawn, speed, spikes, claws, and venom are ways animals eat or get eaten; what better place to see it all than at the zoo?! 

Wild Researchers: Wildlife Warriors

Wildlife is so important, and it is worth protecting. During this week we will meet some endangered animals who need our help, and problem solve how we can use our voice to help protect wild animals and the places they call home. 

Session 3:   July 12 – July 16

Amazing Asia

From tropical forests to the tundra, the continent of Asia makes up one third of the land mass of the entire planet.  Let’s look at the inhabitants of this amazing continent!  Come meet the animals that call Asia home. 

Wild Researchers: Wild About Art

Young artists will go wild during this art-based week! Let your animal instincts free with crafts and art projects all week. Participants will use Zoo animals and the natural world around them for inspiration. 

Session 4:   July 19 – July 23

Big Apple Animals

We are so lucky in New York City to be surrounded by so many different creatures living in our own backyards. This week participants will become backyard biologists by learning how to safely observe and even help animals in our own urban ecosystems! 

Wild Researchers: Animal Allies

Many animals use teamwork to help each other survive. We can learn a lot from how animals work together. During this week, we will get to observe some animal teamwork as well as do some fun team building of our own. Do you have what it takes to collaborate? 

Session 5:   July 26 – July 30

The Dark Side

Do you choose the dark side or the light side…of when to be awake that is! Do you like to be awake and active at night or during the day? Come find out which category you fall into and which side the animals prefer.  

Wild Researchers: Journey To The Edge & Back

Join us this week as we explore how modern animals evolved from their prehistoric ancestors. By examining evolution, we can discover some surprising connections! We’ll also discover how some of these ancient creatures became extinct and how we can prevent extinction for their modern relatives. 

Session 6:   August 2 – August 6

At Home In My Biome

During this week, we will explore forests, savannas, mountains, and more as well as the animals that live there. We will also use Zoo habitats as inspiration to build our own worlds

Wild Researchers: ZSI: Zoo Science Investigator 

Investigate the world of behavioral and conservation science. Kids will become researchers and use their observation and investigation skills to better understand animals in our care here at the zoo and in the wild. 

Session 7:   August 9 – August 13

Animal Olympics 

We hope you will join us for our own Olympics here at the Zoo! This exciting week will be filled with animal competitions as well as human ones, and activities to learn more about awesome athletic animals here at the Zoo! 

All age groups will be participating in the Animal Olympics topic this week! 

Session 8:   August 16 – August 20

Mythological Beasts

From ancient mythology to fairy tales, animals have always been part of our story telling culture.  This week, we will explore mythical creatures and the real animals that inspired them. 

All age groups will be participating in the Mythological Beasts topic this week! 

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