Bring your students to the Staten Island Zoo for a dynamic and fun educational experience!

Available September through June

Monday – Friday at 10:30am, 11:30am, and 12:30pm

Our education department will gladly customize a program to help you reach your learning goals.

Programs must be reserved at least four weeks in advance. Payment must be received four weeks prior to your program or it will be canceled.


Education Classes

  • 30-minutes Pre-K-K
  • 45-minutes K-2, 3-5, 6-8
  • Programs include a lesson, activity, and presentation of 1-2 animal ambassadors.
  • Grade-appropriate topics aligned with Next Generation Science Standards,  New York State Science Learning Standards, and NYC Scope & Sequence.


Education Class (30 Students & 5 Adults) – $300
Pre-K Class (20 Students & 5 Adults) – $270
Title 1 School (30 Students and 5 Adults) – $270
Special Ed class (20 Students and 5 adults) – $270

Animal Presentations

  • 30-minutes
  • Includes animal presentation of 3 animal ambassadors (no lesson or activity)
  • Appropriate for any grade/age group


Animal Presentation (30 Students & 5 Adults) – $270
Pre-K Animal Presentation (20 Students & 5 Adults) – $250
Special Ed class (20 students and 5 Adults) – $250

All classes include admission to the zoo.

PLEASE NOTE:  While additional adults may join the field trip, NO MORE THAN 5 ADULTS can attend the program.  This includes teachers and paras (for example, if there is 1 teacher and 2 paras, only 2 additional adults can attend the program).  Adults not attending the program can enjoy the rest of the Zoo and meet their group when the program is finished.

For questions, call: 718-442-3100 ext. *33  | email:

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made at least 4 weeks prior to scheduled program will be given a full refund or can be rescheduled at no extra charge.

Cancellations or reschedules made between 2-4 weeks of the program will incur a $50 fee.

There are no refunds for cancellations made with less than 2 weeks’ notice. However, programs can be rescheduled for a $50 fee.

There will be a $35. penalty for any checks that are returned for insufficient funds.

Education Class Topics

Pre-K & K

Please note:  Programs in this grade band are 30-minutes long.

Caring Kids and Critters:  Exploring Animal Needs

Discover how we care for animals in zoos, where animals live in their natural habitats, and even how we can care for animals in our own homes. Learn all about the importance of kindness and responsibility towards animals, no matter where they call home.

NGSS & NYSSLS:  P-LS1-1; K-LS1-1; K-ESS3-3
NYC Scope & Sequence:  Grade PK Units 3, 4, & 9; Grade K Unit 1

Wild World of Senses

Whiskers, antenna, floppy ears and tasting the air are some of the ways that animals learn about the world around them. Explore the five senses like never before as we meet animals with some unique ways to taste, touch, hear, smell and see.

NYC Scope & Sequence:  Grade PK Unit 2 

Zootales:  Storytime With The Zoo

Join the Zoo for story time! Discover the wonderful world of animals as we read engaging stories centered around wildlife conservation, followed by an exciting encounter with an animal ambassador.  Choose from one of the titles listed here.

NGSS & NYSSLS: P-LS1-1; P-LS1-2; K-LS1-1; K-ESS3-1; K-ESS3-3
NYC Scope & Sequence: Grade PK Units 3 & 4; Grade K Unit 1

K – 2nd Grade

Animal Allies:  Unmasking Misunderstood Creatures

Critters like snakes, spiders, scorpions, and cockroaches often spark fear and misunderstanding in people. Although these animals might seem gross, creepy, or scary, they have an important role in nature! In this class we will develop a deeper understanding of these animals and learn how we can become their allies in a world that is often against them.

NGSS & NYSSLS:  K-LS1-1; 2-LS4-1
NYC Scope & Sequence: Grade K Unit 1; Grade 1 Unit 1; Grade 2 Unit 1

Home Sweet Habitat: Nurturing Animals Everywhere

Join us to learn about the fascinating world of animal shelters!  From cozy dens to elaborate dams, intricate holes and bustling hives, animals are experts at creating shelter to suit their own unique needs.  After learning how these structures are recreated here at the Zoo, students will be given materials to create a habitat for one of the Zoo’s bugs, then observe how he likes his new home!

NGSS & NYSSLS:  K-LS1-1; K-ESS2-2; K-ESS3-1; K-ESS3-3; 2-LS4-1
NYC Scope & Sequence:  Grade K Unit 1; Grade 1 Unit 1; Grade 2 Unit 1

Nature’s Wardrobe: Exploring Animal Coverings

From feathers, to scales and everything in between!  Animals have evolved a variety of body coverings that help them find food, move around, and protect themselves from predators. Come discover more about the diverse natural wardrobe of animals from around the world!

NGSS & NYSSLS:  K-LS1-1; K-ESS3-1; 1-LS1-1; 2-LS4-1
NYC Scope & Sequence: Grade K Unit 1; Grade 1 Unit 1

3rd – 5th Grade

Ecosystems of Staten Island

Come with us as we embark on a journey to discover the incredible natural world right here on Staten Island. From lush forests to sparkling waters, we’ll explore the diverse ecosystems that make this place so special.  We’ll also learn how we can be good stewards of the environment and help protect our plant and animal neighbors.

NGSS & NYSSLS:  3-LS4-3; 3-LS4-4; 3-LS3-2; 5-LS2-1
NYC Scope & Sequence: Grade 3 Units 2, 3, & 4; Grade 4 Unit 4; Grade 5 Unit 4

What’s for Lunch? 

Dive into the amazing world of animal diets and discover what different creatures like to munch on.  From plants to animals to both, students will learn how animals get their food and why they eat what they do.  This class will utilize biofacts such as skulls to explore the different physical adaptations of herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores

NGSS & NYSSLS:  4-LS1-1; 5-LS2-1
NYC Scope & Sequence: Grade 3 Unit 3; Grade 4 Unit 2; Grade 5 Unit 2

Zoo Engineers:  Enriching Animal Well Being

Unlock the secrets of creating stimulating environments for zoo animals!  This class will explore how zookeepers make sure animals are happy, healthy, and engaged through a concept called “enrichment.”  Using what they learned, along with some creativity, students will collaborate with classmates to design their own enrichment activities for a zoo animal and get to see that animal interact with what they created!

NYGSS & NYSSLS:  4-LS1-2; 3-5-ETS1-1
NYC Scope & Sequence: Grade 3 Unit 2; Grade 4 Unit 2

6th – 8th Grade

Skull Investigation: A Hands-On Exploration of Skull Morphology and Function 

You can learn a lot about an animal, simply by looking at the skull!  Join us for an exciting and hands-on program designed to explore the fascinating world of animal adaptations by examining the shape, size, and features of skulls of North American animals.  Students will use a dichotomous key to help recognize the distinctive characteristics of each animal group and identify the species. This class can help students appreciate the diversity and complexity of life on Earth and understand their own place in it.

NYC Scope & Sequence:  Grade 8 Unit 4

The Wonders of Natural Selection and Adaptations

This class aims to inspire students to appreciate the beauty and complexity of life on Earth, as well as foster a sense of responsibility and stewardship for the natural world. Students will learn how life changes and adapts over time. The lesson will guide us to understand how evolution works, what makes living things different, and how nature selects the best traits. We will also take a look at some cool examples of how animals and plants adapted to their environment, such as hiding, attracting mates, and forming new species.

NGSS & NYSSLS:  MS-LS4-1; MS-LS4-2; MS-LS4-3; MS-LS4-4; MS-LS4-6
NYC Scope & Sequence:  Grade 8 Unit 4

Zoos as Conservation Agents: The Importance of Human Impact on the Preservation of Species

We know zoos are a place to observe animals, but what else do they do?  AZA accredited institutions like the Staten Island Zoo collaborate with other zoos, wildlife experts, and government agencies through the Species Survival Plan to ensure the long-term survival of endangered and threatened species.  Students will learn the important part that humans play in the preservation of a species and what they can do to help. 

NGSS & NYSSLS:  MS-LS2-1; MS-LS2-4; MS-LS2-5; MS-LS4-5; MS-LS4-4
NYC Scope & Sequence: Grade 6 Unit 3; Grade 7 Unit 5; Grade 8 Units 3 & 5

For questions, call: 718-442-3100 ext. *33  | email:

Self-Guided Visits

For self-guided visits, please complete the form here.

Self-guided classes pay admission only, $6 per student and $10 per adult, including teachers and paras.