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Adopt an animal: The perfect gift that lasts all year long.
Adopt one of our animals and become part of our Zoo family.

Pavers: Personally Engraved Stepping Stones.

Take Your Place in History
The ZooWalk is a special part of the Zoo. It begins to the right of the entrance to the main exhibit building, where paver stones are inscribed with individual messages.
You may have a person or milestone to remember, honor or highlight; or perhaps you would like a message about nature and wildlife. Perhaps your business might wish to invest in a paver stone.
Pavers are designed to become a lasting part of the Zoo and are seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. They make wonderful gifts. What could be more appropriate than a paver at the Staten Island Zoo where preservation is our mission?

Pave the Way… to a bright Zoo future!

Express Yourself
Each paver can accept a maximum of three lines of 13 units each. When filling out the form you must allow one box for each letter, number, punctuation mark, heart symbol and space between words. Fill out the boxes exactly the way you wish to inscribe a paver and please write clearly.

Print out form and bring to Zoo with check, cash or credit card information. Applications may be returned if the proposed text does not meet the standards to be observed by a New York City public facility. Applicants will have an opportunity to revise proposed text if applications are returned.

Upon receipt of your application you will receive confirmation of the order. If the order is a gift, the recipient will be notified as well. When the stone arrives at the Zoo, the maintenance department adds it to the “Zoo Walk”. Postcards go out to notify you, and any gift recipient, that the stone is in the ground. Each postcard is good for one free admission to the Zoo to see the stone.

Invest in the Zoo’s Future
Your investment in a paver helps maintain programs and exhibits designed to promote appreciation for wildlife and environmental conservation.
Family or individual pavers are $100 each ($50 is tax deductible).
Corporations, organizations and businesses contribute $200 per paver ($150 is tax deductible).

A Long-lasting Tribute
Paver stones are guaranteed for five years against wear and weather. Pavers installed in 1991, when the Paver Program first began, are still in excellent condition.

Application Form (click here to view our application form)

Zoo Wish List:

Do you have equipment and supplies you would like to donate? Certain items may sound odd, such as CD boom boxes, but all are used to enhance animal care and other activities at YOUR Zoo. In this time of budget cuts and fiscal crisis, any assistance is greatly appreciated. Please call (718) 442-3101 ext 28, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., to make arrangements.

1. Perfumes and spices
2. Humidifiers, de-humidifiers and air and water filters
3. Electric heaters, heat lamps and electric timers
4. (Gently) used tools, both power and hand; lumber or paint
5. Animal carriers of all sizes
6. Photo and video equipment including digital; projectors and screens
7. CD players (boom boxes), blank CD / DVD’s
8. Ice cube trays
9. Arts and craft supplies
10. Commercial-grade cutlery for preparing animal diets
11. Standing refrigerator/freezer for animal hospital, Height, 67 1/2″ x Width 35″x Depth 33″

Please remember that each department has special needs. So if you are unsure as to whether or not certain items could be of use, please e-mail us at , or call at the above number and ask to speak with someone from that particular area such as animal care, education and graphics. For a sizable donation, a letter of acknowledgment for tax purposes will be provided, as well as recognition in Zoo publications, at the events and possibly by local press. Thank you for your continuous support of the Staten Island Zoo.

Amazon Wish List:

The Staten Island Zoo also participates in the Amazon Wish List Program, which can be accessed at the following link:

This is a wish list for the animals and staff of the Staten Island Zoo. Some of these items will be enrichment items for the animals to play or interact with, others will help make our staffs jobs a little easier. Please include your contact information if you make a donation, your contribution is tax deductible. Our 501(c)(3) tax exempt number is: EX-121076.